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Try To Make Homemade Cottage Cheese, And Make The Tastier Pastry Ever.

These cottage cheese it return me back many years ago, when my grandma use to make these kind of cottage cheese. Slices of  bred, one tomato and a cottage cheese, the best breakfast ever. Now, today I make the same taste like my grandma did, and I must admit that was very successful. All you need is a two ingredients, milk and sour milk.

cottage cheese 3


3 liters  boiled milk

1.5 liters sour milk

cottage cheese4



In a deep bowl we boiled milk, then we take aside end immediately we add the sour milk, stir slowly and take aside to cool down.

Then we take a strainer  and sterile gauze and pour so that all liquid is gone- see the picture. This is it, nothing easier. I recommend you,  With these kind of cottage cheese the pastry will be more tastier, Try it and enjoy.

cottage cheese2cottage cheese1

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