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A True Experience For You To Remember, Traditional Pie With Good Old Taste.


First of all we chop the onions, and we cook it in a pan with a little bit cooking oil, then we add the minced meat to cook alongside  with the onion. We add the salt and pepper cook it a bit more and put the pan on the side to cool down. We take two crusts sprinkle them with a mixture of oil, water and baking powder and we add the filling with the minced meat, after that we roll the crusts in a snail like form, we do this with all crusts. Then we bake them in a preheated oven in 180 degrees Celsius (356 Fahrenheit).

I will tell you one secret, after baking the  take some molten butter  and cover the burek with a thin layer so the crust is much softer and tastier.

pie coll

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