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Something Different, Salty, And With Really Good Taste…Enjoy.


Preheat the milk and add the crumbled yeast, sugar and stir.

In a bowl put almost all the flour, pour the the milk with yeast and stir.

Add oil and salt, and stir again.

Add the remaining flour and make  the dough.

Leave the dough to make double size.

Then divide the dough in 15 equal balls.

Coat the balls slightly with oil and leave to stand for 5 minutes.

Then, one by one, roll with rolling pin to be the width of 10 cm and length of 20 cm, and roll it.

Put them in a greased pan.

Coat the each roll with egg yolk and allow to stand for 30 minutes then bake.

Bake at 200 degrees until they start to yellow.

During this time make the glaze, mix water, flour and salt.

The density should be as yogurt.

When rolls become yellow, remove the pan from the oven and quickly put the glaze and return it in the oven  to bake.

Enjoy your meal.


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