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Secret Cheese Pie Recipe From My “Babushka”


From the all  ingredients for the dough knead medium soft dough.

The water for the dough must be warm.
Divide the dough on 8 pieces, and make 8 balls from each one.

Each ball cover with oil and leave it to stay for a half hour.
From each ball make a thin crust and sprinkle it with cooking oil.Put on each  crust cottage cheese.
Then fold up the crust on both sides halfway.
Again sprinkle with oil and again fold up the crust from the opposite sides.
And with a hands make a set, but not much.
The pies put in a baking tray, previously grassed with oil,on  each crust sprinkle a little oil. Let it stay for a half hour and bake
In a preheated oven on 200 degrees or 392 °F until they get nice golden color.
During that time put the water and the oil to simmer.
Once the cheese pie will be baked, sprinkle them with boiling water in which we have add,a pinch of  salt and oil, and return them in the oven for a bit,to absorb the liquid. Enjoy




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