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Right Choice for You, Choco Biscuit Cake. Tasty, and Quickly Done. Enjoy!


Ingrediants  for white filling:

  • 250 gr. margarine
  • 250g of powdered sugar
  • 100 gr. white chocolate
  • 200 gr. coconut



Mix the biscuit with cocoa and melted dark chocolate.

Boil coffee  with sugar and rum,and  leave it to cool down , then put it  over the biscuit  and mix nice with  hand.

Prepare white filling, mix the  butter with powdered sugar, add the coconut and melted white chocolate and stir with a spoon to unite the masses.

black mass roll it on a  foil and then put the white mass on  the top and roll it.

Leave rolls to cool in the fridge, and then  cut to pieces and serve.


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