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Quick, Easy And Without Baking – Chocolate Ice Cake With Two Kinds Of Chocolate.


Mix the milk and heavy cream, and  from this quantity  take  1 cup (needed for mixing with starch and sugar). The rest of the mixture boil and when it boils, add the starch and cook well. The cream is relatively quickly thickens and did not take long to cook, maybe about 2-3 minutes.

Cooked cream divided into two parts.

In the first  part add dark  chocolate and stir well till  the chocolate is melted, and in the second part add white chocolate and also mix well till the chocolate is melted.

At the bottom of the mold for the cake put the  biscuits  that are soaked in cold milk and immediately put  first dark cream(untill is hot) , then  the white  cream. Leave the cake in the refrigerator to be well tightened.

ice cream cake 2

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