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Quick and Easy American Delicious Cookies,Try it, The Kids Will Adore This Tasty Cookies .

American cookies, very easy to make, they are very tasty ,and  the smell will reach to the neighbors, expect unannounced guests.

American Cookies

Time for preparation: 10min.

Time for baking :15-20 min. on 180c.

Total :25-30 min.

Necessary ingredients:

  •  125 grams of sugar
  •  200 grams cooking chocolate, chopped into small tinycubes
  •  1tea spoon baking soda
  •  200 grams of butter
  •  1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
  •  300 grams of flour
  •  1 egg


The egg we mixed with the shugar and  vanilla  , until sugar is melted.Then we put butter , flour, baking soda and the chopped chocolate.

With hand we mix nicely  until we get  a nice homogeneous mixture.

Then from th emixture with  hands  we  form smallballs and we squash and put in the pan  coated with baking paper

We bake in a heated oven at 180 degrees about 20 minutes until they get light brown color.

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