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My Mom’s Cake, Vassina’s Cake,Whisked me Away Back in my Beautiful Childhood Memories.


Whisk 6 eggs with 6 tablespoons of sugar mix till you get strong foam, add 6 tablespoons grinded almonds and 4 tablespoons of flour, 15 grams  baking powder and grated  orange peel.

Bake in a round pan covered with baking paper.

First Filling:


Whisk   4 egg yolks with 250 grams of powdered sugar on steam.

Add 100 grams of molten chocolate, juice of 1 orange and  grated orange peel.

In 100 ml. of hot milk put 300 grams of walnuts and add it the eggs with powdered sugar  which we previously  have mix on  steam. Take aside to cool down and then add the 250 gr. butter  and mix it well.   let it filling to cool down well, and  then put the filling on a sponge cake.

vasina's cake 2









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