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Incredible Delicious Chocolate Balls With Only 3 Ingredients!

Would you like to make something very delicious but very quick and easy?

Yes, here is the recipe for amazing “Chocolate balls with hazelnuts”, very tasty and very easy to make, ready for  Only 10 minutes!


chocolate balls 11


  • 200 gr. grated   milk chocolate
  • 200 gr.  grinded hazelnuts
  • 6 tbsp of warm water


First we gratе the chocolate and we put in a deep bowl.

Second ,grind the  hazelnuts and  put in a bowl together with the chocolate,at the and we add water.

With hand , all ingerediants we stir nice till we get lovely homogeneous mixture.

Then with a hand shape the small balls and roll in the chocolate crumbs.

I usually make a double dose, because they are very tasty and my kids adore these chocolate balls.



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