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How to Make The Irresistible Raffaello Balls.

Identical recipe  and faithful to the original,the irresistible Raffaello Balls!

raffaello 1



  • 400 gr. of  sugar
  • 200 ml.  water
  • 250 gr. margarine
  • 400 gr. of  soybean  powder milk
  • 150 gr. coconut
  • 50g. hazelnuts


In a  pot ,  put  sugar and  water, and then place  them  on a fire for  few minutes and stir constantly.

When sugar is melted remove the pot from the fire and add it  margarine, milk powder and coconut.

Nice mix and move the pot aside for the mixture to cool and hardened.

After the mixture will harden, make small balls of it, putting one nuts  in the middle.

Finally roll them in coconut .

Believe me, you will  immediately make double dose.

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