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Homemade Mini Triangle Pies, Very Irresistible And Incredibly Delicious.


Mix the cheese with two eggs, and take aside.This mixture will use as  filling.

Now we will prepare the glaze for the crust, and with this glaze we cover each crust.
We mix 2 eggs with yogurt, and we add oil and a pinch of salt

We take one crust,and apply from the glaze, see the picture.
We take one end of the crust and fold to the other end, repeat the same process again with the same crust.
You will receive a crust with the width of 8cm(3532in). Now, at the edge of the crust we place cheese filling, fold the crust a little making a triangle, follow the picture.
This process you will repeat with all crusts.

Mini triangle pies we place in oiled baking pan, and we bake 20-25 minutes on 200 degrees.(392 °F)

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