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My “Golden Ticket” -Zerbo Cake, Try it and Enjoy!


Whisk 12 eggs whites with sugar, whisk nice till you get strong foam.
Put the grinded walnuts , the flour, baking powder and all ingredients mix slowly.
The mixture put in the pan previously covered with the baking paper.
Bake at 180 degrees till the batter get brownish( about 15 minutes)

Whisk 12 eggs yolks with sugar on the steam, add the chocolate to melt down , and when it’s done take aside to cool down the filling.
Then in the cooled filling put the mixed butter and whisk well.

First topping : 350 gr. sugar– put the sugar on low heat to caramelized

Second topping: Melt the chocolate and butter on low heat.

Cut the batter  into three sections in length, each section cover with hot caramelized sugar, take aside to cool down, then cover   each section with the melted chocolate,then put the filling. You can use chocolate or wiped cream for decoration, I use chocolate.

Follow the picture  to be more clear.

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