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Easy Summer Cake Called “Sand cake”, Ready For Only 20 min.


Cook 6 vanilla puddings with 500 gr. of sugar  in 1.5 liter of milk, take aside  and  left to  cool down.

Mix  2 butter or margarines  in foam  and add in  the cooled pudding, then mix well with mixer,until all ingredients are  compact.

The mass split into three equal  parts.

In the first part add 300 gr.minced  biscuit.

In the second part add 300 gr coconut.

In the third part add 300 gr minced walnuts.

On a plate or in a deep pan put a mass first  of biscuit, then coconut and at the end walnuts.

Finally decorate at the top with  cream, and if you like you can use some fresh friuts , I ussualy put strawberries and  It is very tasty.

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