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Delicious Homemade Pie, Called “Zelnik”

Inspired by the taste , I decided to make it our traditional pie called Zelnik.

I must admit that  it  was very succesful. So I decided to share with you.

Traditional pie called Zelnik, with filling of cabbage, spinach, leeks, cheese, or meat or whatever you prefer.

This time i made with a minced  meat.

Here is my way around it.

naslovna 5


700 grams for all purposes flour / 25 oz

1 yeast(40gr. or 1.4 oz)

1 tablespoon salt

2 tablespoons sugar

Water as needed, about 2 cups – warm water

pita so meso1

For filling

300 grams of minced meat / 10 oz

1 onions, large size

spices, salt, blak peper.

like a mentioned, you can use , cabbage, spinach, leeks, cheese

pita so meso 2



First we make a filling, chop the onions and fry it on a little oil, then add the minced meet

and fry a little for about 5 minutes.Take aside to cool down.

Then we make the dough, in a large bowl add  flour, sugar, salt and the yeast.

We  pour water little by little, not at once and  we make a dough.

We split the dough on a eight parts, from each part we make a crust  in a size of 20cm (8 inches)

On each crust we put  melted  margarine , the margarine previously melt a little bit in a microwave, for easier to spreads, expect on the lastone which will be on the top.

For the first crust we  need 5 parts , for the second one 2  pieces and the last part dough is for the last one crust which is on the top.  Use the round baking pan. The baking pan spread with margarine, place the first crust, put the filling, the second crust , and  the last crust  on the top, spread with a little oil, and take aside   for about 15 minutes covered with a towl.  Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ℃(395°F)  for about 20 min.

pita so meso3

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