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Chicken in Curry Sos, The best Combination for lunch,Ideal for any Occasion

Chicken in Curry Sauce, the Best Combination That You Can Cook for lunch.This simple recipe is also quick and tasty , and is  ideal for any occasion.

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Chicken in Curry Sauce

  •  Preparation : 25 min .
  •  Cooking: 25 min
  • Total:   50 min .


  •  500 gr. chicken breast-steak
  •  2 teaspoons curry spice
  •  pinch of salt ,little  pepper
  •  little cooking oil
  •  1 onion  finely chopped
  •  3 or 4 cloves garlic  finely chopped
  •  500 ml soup cube from  chicken
  •  1 soupspoon starch
  •  120 g peas  canned
  •  2 soupspoons cream for cooking
  • and a  little parsley chopped


  1. The chicken steak we chop  into the smaller pieces .
  2. We put salt, pepper and a teaspoon of curry spice.
  3. In a pan with  a little oil, we fry chicken pieces until they get golden brown, then pull them aside
  4. In another pan,we  put the finely chopped onion and fry it.
  5. Then we  add the chopped garlic and the curry and mix well.
  6. After a little will be fried, we add the chicken soup in which we have added starch.
  7. We  Cook until we  get the required density.
  8. Then, add the already fried chicken meats, and canned peas
  9. At  the end, we add a soupspoon of sour cream and a little chopped parsley

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