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Enjoy in This Perfect Dessert, a real chocolate pleasure with less ingredients.

Here I present you fantastic creamy and also very delicious Chocolate Mousse cake with

two kinds od chocolate.

Time for preparation is only 30 minutes.

choco mousse cake


240 g of ground biscuits  8.46 oz(I used petit beurre)

120g butter  4.23 oz

200g dark chocolate 7.05 oz

100 grams of milk chocolate 3.52 oz

120g butter 4.23 oz

80 ml of hot water

4 egg yolks

4 egg whites




Grind the  biscuits -cookies in a food processor, put  them in a bowl and pour the melted butter. Mix by hand (you  will get dry crumbly mixture) and pressed into a mold with a diameter of 25cm.


Put the chocolate in a bowl, add the butter who is cuted  into a small cubes, put on fire  to melt. In The melted chocolate add hot water and egg yolks and mix  with a electrical mixer. In another bowl, mix  egg whites separatly  and stir  them with  chocolate cream. Thus prepared mixture pour into the mold on the prepared base.

For Decoration use  whipped cream


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